ACTsights Insights Manager

Mateo Ruiz

Mateo Ruiz
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I run things from the backstage, providing and organizing data and analytics to help clients make informed and impactful marketing decisions.

Presenting Mateo Ruiz, our talented ACTsights Insights Manager. Mateo is a passionate software engineer with experience in data analytics, business intelligence, finance and programming. His diverse background has allowed him to dig into data projects and successfully deliver from beginning to end. 

Throughout his career, Mateo has had the opportunity to "run things from the backstage" in finances, energy and telecom companies, using his skills as an engineer to make intelligent data-driven decisions. No matter the task, his goal-oriented, responsible, and easygoing nature shines through.

When he's not busy taming mountains of data, Mateo enjoys martial arts and belting out his favorite tunes at a karaoke night. He's also a whiz in the kitchen and loves to experiment with different culinary creations with his loyal dog Chipotle.

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