Traffic Manager

Cristina Viquez

Cristina Viquez
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Empowering the team from within so we can deliver precise, efficient results.

Our talented Traffic Manager, Cristina Víquez Espeleta, brings a unique architectural background to her role. She's the go-to person for ensuring seamless day-to-day operations, managing capacity, and supporting project requirements. Her self-driven entrepreneurial spirit, precision, and exceptional time management skills shine through to support the team even under pressure. 

Cristina's career journey started young with her family businesses, MTC Roofing Company and EZ Joyeria. This foundation provided her with valuable insights into people management. Later, she honed her multi-tasking and project management skills with LaTres, an Amazon outsource. 

Outside of work, Cristina's passions include show jumping, for which she's earned national and international awards, as well as spending quality time with her furry family, including Amira the horse, and her cats (Goliath and Miau) and dogs (Uma, Chipotle, Pongo, and Maria).

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