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Skye Nijman

Skye Nijman
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I make sure the science makes sense.

Skye Nijman, our accomplished Scientific Content Associate, holds a Master's degree in Toxicology and Environmental Health, a Bachelor's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, and an Associate's Degree in Social Science. Her career bridges science and communication, with experience in digital campaigns, environmental science, public health and biomedical research.

Skye's commitment to meticulous research and collaboration with clients ensures the precision, relevance, and dependability of our marketing efforts, SEO/SEM keywords, and ACTsights. She excels at translating intricate scientific concepts into clear, compelling language, all while sharing her passion for science and simplifying complex ideas to ensure everyone is aligned when pursuing marketing objectives.

Skye's multicultural upbringing - spanning NZ, the UK, the US, Asia, and the Caribbean - enables her to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. She began her career at Covalent bonds while sailing around the world, eventually settling in New Zealand. Outside of work, Skye writes, supports local scientific initiatives, hikes, and enjoys quality time with her husband and young son.

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