Covalent Bonds works with sales and marketing teams that have lots of data and know it is valuable, but don't know what it means or what to do with it. 

We partner and collaborate with internal marketing and sales teams and agencies. Covalent Bonds focuses on the business of doing marketing effectively. We start by understanding our client’s company goals, then move to understanding their data.

We use data to inform strategy, provide insights and enable measurement.

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lay foundations

Really know your target customer, and develop strategy based from facts not assumptions.


Ensure the right systems, software, campaigns and budgets are in place to achieve strategic objectives.

Measure & Refine

Objectively monitor and assess the effectiveness of online and offline marketing programs.


  • Know in real time that their marketing is working

  • Ensure they are making the right strategic decisions as to where to focus their marketing dollars

  • Know which tactics are having the most impact

  • Facilitate alignment between all internal marketing teams (operations, creative and procurement for example) as to what success will look like and how it will be measured

  • Know whether their marketing budget has been wasted or is being used optimally