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Inspiring Action From Insights

The only data-driven, life sciences marketing operations company
We support leading life science and technology marketers, empowering them to provide data-driven, measurable life sciences marketing programs.
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Everyone has been marketing backwards. Covalent Bonds markets the right way around.

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The Power of Threes

We’re a global team of scientists, marketers and data specialists, who help our clients turn data into powerful marketing programs that work.

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And how do we know these programs “work”? We measure everything!
Our mission is to empower marketing decisions to be made on facts not assumptions
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We are led by data and measurement. This leads us to be able to offer great data-led scientific marketing, modeled on scientific principles

Olga Torres

Chief Optimization Officer

We don’t make decisions on assumptions or hunches - it is always fact/data-led

Laura Browne

Chief Effectiveness Officer

We turn marketing into science: pose a hypothesis, control the variables, design a strategy, measure the actions, and optimize.

Aaron Vargas

Head of Performance Marketing

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