You have big questions and your market has the answers, if you know how to get them. Using in-depth, externally derived insights to inform your marketing decisions ensures optimal success and return on your marketing investment.
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Market & Analytics Audit

Unite your data, technology and resources so you can track strategic business goals simply across all systems and see progress as you go.

  • MarTech Stack Audit and Optimization
  • Data Analytics

Market Intelligence

Primary market research helps answer your specific and most pressing marketing questions. Rigorous statistical analyses make your marketing less art and more science.

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Primary Research
  • Brand audit

Competitive Intelligence

Deploy cutting edge market research, media and social media monitoring techniques to observe key players in your market so that you always know what is happening and can respond as quickly as possible

Media Analysis To Inform Strategy

Media analysis enables you to understand what the media is saying about your market and your competitors and the quality of coverage they get by publication, reporter or influencer.

  • Traditional media
  • Social Listening

Persona Development

Truly understand your target audience and turn a treasure trove of data into actionable insights and powerful marketing programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What BI tool do you use?

Covalent Bonds loves data! Based on the volume of data processed by Covalent Bonds we use several tools to analyze it and keep it neatly organized. The primary business intelligence tools are based in Google Cloud, allowing us to integrate data from different sources (website, social, CRM, marketing automation, etc.).

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