Strategic Marketing Manager

Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres
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I help scientists and companies in the science world get noticed and succeed. As a Marketing Manager, I ensure their important work receives the attention it deserves.

Meet Stephanie Torres Serrano, our accomplished Strategic Marketing Manager. She's a self-described Campaign Maestro and Client Advocate, known for crafting and executing strategies that not only fuel business growth but also foster trust and collaboration with clients. With boundless energy and unwavering passion, Stephanie approaches each project with genuine enthusiasm and curiosity. As an active listener, she loves talking to clients and collaborating to come up with innovative new ideas. 

Stephanie also adores animals, especially her furry sidekick Maui, and in her free time she champions street animal welfare. To stay fit, she enjoys working out and staying true to her Columbian roots by playing soccer. In the kitchen, she loves whipping up healthy cuisine and sharing it with her family and friends.

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