Chief Optimization Officer

Olga Torres

Olga Torres
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This is a science. Every little change or addition to the marketing program represents an experiment, and each element offers a lot that can be measured and learned. The data that comes out provides a lot of insights about the success of the marketing program, the things that are important to the audience, and helps design the next experiment.

Say hello to Olga, our Chief Optimization Officer. I think people from all areas of Olga’s life would agree that she is the epitome of optimization. Throughout her entire career Olga has made the most of every situation she has faced, not least when she co-founded Covalent Bonds and built a strong team in just a few months that prides itself on diversity and equal opportunities. 

Olga has worked in all of stages of the drug development and diagnostic development timeline so has first-hand experience in understanding our clients and their daily challenges.  Having worked in both biology and chemistry companies she quickly learnt how keywords and communication is different within sub disciplines and how to adapt to these different areas for maximum results. 

For a bit of self-care Olga likes to indulge in cooking up some delicious dishes in the kitchen for her family and friends, while her cuddly but camera shy pug, Luke, makes sure she gets a good dose of fresh air, daily. 

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