Traffic Coordinator & Project Manager

Esteban Bonilla

Esteban Bonilla
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I love my job – standing behind and supporting the team to enable them to fulfil our customers' marketing goals, as smoothly and timely as possible.

Introducing our animal-loving Traffic Coordinator and Project Manager, Esteban. He keeps the Covalent Bonds' cogs turning, making sure everyone knows what they are doing and when they should be doing it. 

Esteban’s a real breath of fresh air to be around and his five years’ experience as a business analyst makes him perfect for this role. With his out-of-the-box thinking, watertight timelines and ability to turn a mountain of work into bitesize achievable steps, he helps us deliver the very best results for our clients. 

With two dogs, three cats and two horses he is as loving as he is bright and when not working or with his pets it is highly likely you will find him gaming whether that be tabletop or computer!

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