Top Questions to Ask Your Life Science Marketing Agency During Your Strategic Planning Process

November 18, 2022
5:00 min read
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You are no doubt deep into strategic marketing planning for the next calendar year. Now is the time to check in with your life science marketing agency and see what data-driven strategies they are incorporating into your programs for 2023. 

Gone are the days where marketing decisions can be made by creative teams sitting around brainstorming (this leads to decisions being made on assumptions and the loudest voice). You now have access to data (evidence!) on what works and what doesn’t as a result of the myriad of martech systems you are no doubt using. The data should not just be the domain of the data scientists in your company - it should be utilized by your marketing agency to make more informed decisions on your behalf (agile marketing anyone?).

So, now is the time to check in with your life science marketing agency and find out how they will be performing data-driven life science marketing for you. 

Below are the top questions you should ask. And if they don’t have an answer, you need to consider whether they are working in your best interests. It is critical that your agency be transparent about the return on your investment in them, and in marketing in general. Data and measurement are now available to everyone - it is no longer acceptable to say that it is not possible to measure marketing effectiveness, or just to report on output of activity. Results are what matter!

  1. What metrics and marketing KPIs are they using to monitor marketing success?
  2. How have they defined what success from marketing will look like from each stakeholder at your company?
  3. What data are they collecting and presenting that will show progress to goal? 
  4. How are they designing measurement into the marketing campaigns and tactics?
  5. What is their data collection strategy?
  6. How are they monitoring and reporting ROI on your marketing spend with them?

If you need a marketing measurement strategy, then talk to us about implementing ACTsights™ to help you measure marketing effectiveness and implement agile data-driven marketing programs. Oh, and we happen to provide data-driven marketing services too. 

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