How Do You Use Data To Make Better Decisions?

July 12, 2022
5:00 min read
How Do You Use Data To Make Better Decisions?
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Life Science Marketing Optimization

How Do You Use Data To Make Better Decisions?

As a result of having a strategy and measurement system in place, you are left with a lot of actionable data. It is time to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Covalent Bonds can work with your life science marketing teams (both in-house and agency) to deliver timely insights on how to optimize your marketing based on the data. Don’t have a marketing team? We can help you choose the right one for you using our Agency Selection service.

With our marketing optimization service, we can tell you:

  • What to do more of
  • What to do less of
  • What to keep the same

so that you are always ensuring that your marketing budgets are working for you.

How do you ensure that you continue to get the right data for informed decision-making?

Setting up your tech stack is not just a one-time-and-then-forget-about-it activity. You continually need to update the settings in response to the data you obtain, the changing goals of your company, changing sales or marketing process, and evolving best practices. Together these ensure that you getting insights that you can act on quickly, and maintain a competitive edge.

Google Analytics, Google Ads, Tag Manager, Google My Business, Social Media, Scientific

  • Goals consistently tracked across all platforms
  • Integration of analytics from multiple sources to enrich the data story
  • Channel and attribution analysis
  • Tracking data by audience persona or business segment
  • Trouble-shooting to ensure measurement system never break
  • Integrating multiple sites and/or sub-domains
  • Consistent messaging