Martech Today: Social Media Development and Analytics

March 10, 2020
5:00 min read
Laura Browne
Martech Today: Social Media Development and Analytics
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Please describe your product:

Lately makes writing social media messaging faster and waaaaay more effective with Artificial Intelligence that learns what your targets want to read.

We start by creating a custom algorithm that automatically transforms a blog, podcast or video into dozens of “smart” messages in seconds. The algorithms can be tailored to any audience and/or campaign.

Lately then syndicates its A.I.-generated content out to unlimited networked accounts. This lets companies amplify and sync messaging across tens, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of employee, agency or franchisee accounts in a unified voice.

Please describe your typical user

Together, we’re stronger. Which is why we first look for customers that have built-in networks which can be leveraged to amplify company messaging. And because Lately’s A.I. learns what works — custom-generating targeted, tested messaging for every individual audience within your network — you want to shout that gold from every rooftop available. Why market to the power of one when you can market to the power of many WITH the power of many?

Networks can be obvious, like employees, executives or sales executives with active social presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Or local franchise branches united under a national or global outfit like banks, CPGs, restaurants or nonprofits.

Networks can also be more creative, like agency clients who want similar content. Or campaign workers rallying for the same politician. Or a group of stores in a downtown shopping area united to promote local shopping events. Even students from the same alma mater coordinating alumni giving.

If you have a network, they can be unified to leverage your objective. But only if the content you syndicate works.

The users themselves must manage a minimum of five social accounts, regularly produce longform content (blog, podcast, video, etc.) and work in teams of 2-5.

How long has the product been commercially available?

Lately has been in market for two years. But its A.I. brain has been learning what works since 2014.

Marketing Measurement, Analytics and Decision Making

What kind of marketing insights and analytics does your platform provide? How do you foresee your product helping marketers make better decisions using data?

Because it’s not just automation – Lately’s AI learns what works – it learns what messaging customers respond to. It then creates a unique model for each customer, channel and campaign and customizes outreach that resonates.

Think of it like this: when Netflix came to town, they learned what we all wanted to watch. Then they used that data to feed us relevant content. THEN they used that data to create original content that’s now the MOST WATCHED ON ITS PLATFORM. Because it’s not just automation… It’s AI. This is what Lately is doing.

Today, it starts with social media messaging. Tomorrow, chat dialogue, text messaging, email, blogs ads, newsletters…

Which is why our analytics are largely word-focused. What words and phrases resonate with your targets?

Because, while there are hundreds of marketing software companies, they all fall into two camps: marketing management and marketing analytics.

But no amount of management or analytics can polish a turd :-(.

Lately makes sure that the content you start with is worth managing and analyzing.

With the Lately Model, our customers see up to 70% increased engagement, 200% increase in lead-generation, 50% conversion rates and an 80% reduction in time spent.

How easy is it to export analytics data with an API

Click a button.

How much does it cost?

Call for pricing.

Do you have an online demo?


Covalent Bonds’ take:

This looks like a tool that will save social media managers a lot of time and effort. The ability to just upload content and get up to 50 social media posts auto-generated is cool. The analytics really help you to do your job better, rather than just providing data for data’s sake.

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