Covalent Bonds Welcomes New ACTsights Insights Manager

November 22, 2023
5:00 min read
Covalent Bonds Welcomes New ACTsights Insights Manager
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Covalent Bonds Welcomes Mateo Ruiz as New ACTsights Insights Manager, Continuing Scientific Marketing Legacy.

Covalent Bonds is thrilled to announce Mateo Ruiz as our ACTsights Insights Manager, enriching our team with his data expertise.

Covalent Bonds, a pioneer in data-driven scientific marketing, proudly introduces Mateo Ruiz as our new ACTsights Insights Manager. With a background in geological engineering and five years of extensive experience in data science, Mateo brings a fresh perspective to our dynamic team.

The search for a candidate to continue our legacy of delivering exceptional data insights to niche scientific markets was challenging.

Luckily our modern, global approach meant that we were not limited by geography or location. Originally from Colombia, Mateo joins a diverse collection of marketing professionals from across the world. This modern approach to recruitment opens us up to an international talent pool, ensuring we find the right person for each job.

Mateo commenced his contract with Covalent Bonds in August 2023, and integrating his skills into our data-driven approach has been a smooth process. As the leader of our specialized ACTsights solutions, Mateo will play a pivotal role in offering clients unparalleled data analytics, creating robust foundations for subsequent marketing campaigns.

Covalent Bonds values professionals with a background in scientific reasoning, recognizing that marketing benefits from an evidence-based, analytical approach. Mateo's training in geological engineering followed by a career in financial and data analysis fits this approach perfectly.

As we continue to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, Mateo's contributions will be instrumental in upholding our reputation as industry leaders.

Whether you're a scientist, marketer, or business leader, Covalent Bonds remains dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions. We invite industry professionals to connect with us and explore the transformative power of data-driven success.

Covalent Bonds is an established leader in scientific marketing. We focus on harnessing the power of data to transform the decision making process for life science companies. By bringing the scientific method to marketing itself, we empower marketers with data-driven insights and objective measurements that uphold scientific rigor.

Our innovative approach drives meaningful impact, helping businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Covalent Bonds: where data and science converge to shape the future of scientific marketing.

Discover the power of data-driven success with us.

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