Focused on the Impact of Marketing on Business Objectives


Our Mission

To ensure that you know whether your marketing is working, and that your marketing budget has not been wasted, we harness the power of both online and offline data. To do this we bring together the best in the industry to gather the data, and  we then deploy the resulting insights to prepare you for marketing success.

Our Team

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Covalent Bonds. We have a core team of 4 full time leaders, and many specialized consultants.

Laura Browne

Chief Effectiveness Officer

Olga Torres

Chief Optimization Officer

Claire England

Director of Effectiveness

Heather Fysh

Director of Insights


Key Principles

  • The Marketing Strategy process works.

  • Marketing plans evolve as they are applied, and need continual review and amendment

  • Conclusions and decisions should be fact driven

  • Recognise that analytics and data handling tools are fast developing and are being refined to serve the evolving needs of marketing

  • Use established leaders when outsourcing specialist marketing services

The FOCUS of Covalent Bonds

  • Large Businesses- to help marketing teams to measure and improve their effectiveness.

  • SMEs and Start-Ups- to develop marketing strategies, and then monitor/measure, using proprietary software tools.

  • Agencies - to help ensure alignment around a clear objective and then measure the impact of their work objectively