New Life Science Marketing Podcast

September 13, 2019
5:00 min read
Laura Browne
resource hero

Covalent Bonds is launching a life science marketing podcast. In this podcast we explore marketing and media analysis for life sciences. We touch on topics from marketing data to our guests’ biggest marketing failures and successes. After all, it is in learning from others that the magic happens.

Marketing Data: Why it is Important for Life Science Marketers

Evaluating marketing success is a challenge for those responsible for ensuring people know a company. This is a particular issue in life sciences, where marketing is often received with skepticism with regards to utility and cost. Therefore, proving marketing success to the C-suite requires comprehensive reporting in a language that resonates. By switching to an analytics-led marketing approach, companies now have access to the data needed to prove marketing’s impact on business goals. But where to start?

Learn from Life Science Analytics and Marketing Experts

This podcast shares learnings from life science marketing experts and your peers, so that you can learn from their experience. In this inaugural episode, I interview my business partner at Covalent Bonds: Olga Torres. We discuss using analytics for marketing and media measurement and  Google Tag Manager. We even explore Olga’s biggest life science marketing successes and failures.

Please listen and let us know your thoughts. You can subscribe to this life science marketing podcast anywhere you get your podcasts. In our second episode, I interview the VP of Marketing at Nanotemper, Jocelyn Dave. Please rate and review it, so that others know about this great new resource for life science marketers.