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ACTsights uses your company data to provide insights into the effectiveness of your marketing.

Understand the impact of your marketing on sales: the answer is in the data

Evaluate the impact of each marketing channel on your objectives: the answer is in the data

ACTsights is customizable, and so we work with you to understand what is important to measure and how that should be visualized.

ACTsights Answers Your Burning Questions

ACTsights is a flexible solution that can keep you focussed on progress to achievement of company goals.

  • Need to increase revenues by 10% in the next year?
    • ACTsights™ can track marketing’s impact on this goal
  • Want to know what returns you are getting on your marketing investments?
    • ACTsights™ can tell you objectively, and if the answer isn’t satisfactory, it can also make suggestions as to what you should do differently
  • Evaluating which tactics have the most impact on leads?
    • ACTsights™ can tell you, and guide you where to allocate additional budget to have more impact

These are just a few of the questions ACTsights can help you to answer.

All you need is a clear objective and access to the data, and ACTsights will do the rest.

How do you Measure PR and Communications?

Understanding the objectives of a good PR and communications strategy is fundamental to evaluating its effectiveness. You need to know why you are spending money on each element to understand what impact it is having. Typically PR and communications are used to support lead-generating activities and they are deployed to communicate key messages, and to build reputation.

Media analysis enables you to understand what the public is saying about you.

To measure the effectiveness of a PR and communications strategy, it is necessary to:

  1. Determine the objectives of each element.
  2. Define what success will look like
  3. Agree what elements should be measured, including, for example:
    1. Key message
    2. Sentiment
    3. Competitors
    4. How likely your customers are to promote you in their network
  4. Define the period you wish to measure, for example:
    1. A single point in time
    2. Across a defined timeline
  5. Finalize a collection service for your media clips
  6. Deploy AI to analyze simple clips, or appoint  a human analyst for more complex and precise evaluations
  7. Deploy a dashboard to report on the results.

Using ACTsights™ Measurement for Media provides advanced analytics and reporting to measure the impact of your PR and communications strategy. We use a combination of automation with media-measurement analysts, in order to ensure that all results are recorded and interpreted accurately.

Message Monitoring: The answer is in the data

Measure the brand, digital, and conversion impact of the coverage of your message in both the media and online.

Want to monitor hot topics in the industry? We can do that too.

Sentiment Analysis: The answer is in the data

Want to know what people think of your brand? We use media measurement to analyze the sentiment of your coverage.

If you are interested in evaluating the strength of your brand holistically, we can also gather data to form a Net Promoter Score. This can be measured over time to see how your PR and marketing activities are succeeding.

Competitive Benchmarking: The answer is in the data

Want to understand how much coverage you are getting versus your competitors? We can monitor and evaluate your share of voice across the offline and online media landscape.

How do you measure marketing?

To measure marketing you need to have a clear understanding of the strategy objectives, and of each element, with its associated KPIs, for comparison. It is not simply about measuring actions, it is about understanding the impact your marketing actions are having on your objectives (and, most essentially, on the goals of the business).  Optimizing Marketing for Business Impact

Top 10 Tips for Marketing Measurement

  1. Understand what marketing success will look like for each stakeholder
  2. Ensure you clearly understand your target audiences, so that  you can measure the impact of your marketing on them
  3. Define your objectives for each campaign and tactic
  4. Determine appropriate KPIs to measure progress to goal
  5. Audit your marketing tech stack to understand what data is available 
  6. Evaluate your marketing data settings against current best practices, in order to ensure you track the online and offline sales journey, from the first contact to sale. 
  7. Determine your attribution model 
  8. Connect your data systems into one database and use Machine Learning to identify trends.  
  9. Set up measurement algorithms to assess the impact on goals
  10. Build a reporting dashboard

See, in near-real time, the impact of your marketing programs on your goals. The proprietary algorithms behind our ACTsights system provide actionable insights which tell you what the data really means to you, and what you (or your agency) should do as a result.

How do you choose the right agency partner?

Most people ask colleagues, contacts and friends for a recommendation. But that is just the first stage in a long process you must follow, to :

  1. Interview all initial candidates
  2. Define the needs from the relationship in order to produce a brief
  3. Determine a realistic budget
  4. Conduct selection meetings/pitches
  5. Coordinate feedback from your stakeholders
  6. Speak to references
  7. Determine if agencies are working with your competitors
  8. Negotiate the terms of the relationship
  9. Draft a contract

Helping companies achieve their PR and marketing objectives, by identifying their needs and bringing them together with the most suitable agency. We partner with companies who are conducting an agency selection, or review, to:

  • Identify and clearly define marketing needs. and to summarise these into a brief
  • Help allocate a reasonable budget
  • Finalise a shortlist of potential agency partners
  • Facilitate the selection process

If you are looking for a new agency partner, we can help you short-list and select the right partner for you. We can also help structure the contractual relationship around your key business objectives, to ensure you are maximizing ROI on the relationship

Uniquely, we are able to offer these services very cost-effectively, and in some cases for free, as a result of our match-maker business model. Contact  us to learn more

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