Life science companies often view marketing with skepticism. Prove the impact of your efforts and report them with more credibility using ACTsights™ methodology, dashboards and reports.
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MarCom Measurement

ACTsights™ measurement programs enable you to:

  • Know what returns you are getting on your investments
  • Understand the impact of your actions on sales
  • Evaluate the impact of each marketing channel on your objectives

Media Measurement

Media measurement enables you to understand what the media is saying about you and the quality of coverage you get by publication, reporter or influencer. It can also be used as a barometer for your reputation with the general public. Analysis of your brand for measures such as:

  • Sentiment, messaging and share of voice
  • Engagement
  • Key issues
  • Reputation, trust and loyalty

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the data offering in ACTsights differ from the analytics and data provided in SharpSpring, Hubspot, and other marketing tools?

SharpSpring, Hubspot and other marketing tools report on relatively standard analytics (site visits, email opens, etc.) While these do provide a snapshot, it is based on what the platform developers think is important to you - not what actually is important to the business. ACTsights differs as it starts with what matters to the business. Covalent Bonds works with clients to develop a measurement system, and bring in the data, that quantifies each company’s goals.

How do you measure return on investment?

The ROI calculation is relatively standard. Profit - Spend / Spend. The differentiator is how we set up segmentation of the results based on the clients business goals for automated reporting.For example, the goal of expanding global presence could be segmented by country. Or, business unit goals could be segmented by persona profile. Why not segment by two or more?

Can you measure offline programs as well as online?

Yes. Covalent Bonds works with clients to develop custom strategies for offline measurement. The best is to transition an offline program to online. For example, at a tradeshow or conference we ask the sales team not to handout paper (flyers, posters, whitepapers, etc.) and instead send them an email copy. Media measurement is an example the requires a more hands-on approach.

What does data integration mean?

The data-junkies at Covalent Bonds use multiple sources of data to validate any trends. Integrating the data sets refers to blending the independent data sources for rich reporting.

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