Covalent Bonds: Focused on the Impact of Marketing on Business Objectives



Covalent Bonds is the brainchild of Olga Torres and Laura Browne, who were both looking at ways to help their scientific clients optimize their marketing programs and spend.

None of the measurement systems available on the market were suitable for their clients (typically life science instrumentation, research and tools companies), as they did not account for the long sales cycles or multiple buyers involved in a single purchase. Nor did they provide scientists with real insights. All other systems just visualize the data, leaving you to make sense of it and decide what to do as a result. ACTsights™ Goes Beyond Analytics, providing you Actionable Insights to enable Informed Action™

Olga is a self-confessed data geek with specialties in digital marketing for life science companies. Whereas Laura is big picture, working with companies to ensure that marketing is deployed solely and optimally to achieve business objectives. ACTsights™ is the result of this powerful partnership: data led insights that help users to Realize ROI™  on their marketing investments.

Our Mission

To ensure that you know whether your marketing is working, and that your marketing budget has not been wasted, we harness the power of both online and offline data. To do this we bring together the best in the industry to gather the data, and  we then deploy the resulting insights to prepare you for marketing success.

Our Team

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Covalent Bonds. We have a core team of 4 full time leaders, and many specialized consultants.

Laura Browne

Chief Effectiveness Officer

Olga Torres
Chief Optimization Officer

Claire England

Director of Effectiveness

Heather Fysh
Director of Insights