What is ‘Marketing Operations’?

According to Wikipedia, ‘marketing operations’ is all about marketing optimization, from planning and budgeting, through marketing content management, to global marketing execution and analysis.

According to our team here at Covalent Bonds, ‘marketing operations’ is the ‘business of doing marketing’. It is ensuring that the marketing campaigns are delivered efficiently and effectively. It is the framework that defines all processes supporting marketing campaign delivery.

So why is it important? Simply put, marketing operations ensures that your marketing budget is not wasted (no doubt you’ve heard the  phase: ‘over half of a marketing budget goes down the drain, the only problem is we don’t know which half’!). Marketing Operations enables you to know how your dollars are spent and to quantify the return on that investment.

There are three main pillars to marketing operations:

  1. Evaluate and Assess

    1. Set goals

    2. Audit marketing data

    3. Ensure targeting the right audience

    4. Analyze the data to inform strategy

  2. Optimize and Refine

    1. Ensure the right systems, software, campaigns and budgets are in place to achieve strategic objectives

  3. Measure and Decide

    1. Obtain actionable Insights

    2. Build reporting dashboards

    3. Evaluate effectiveness

It is not enough to do just one of these, you have to do all three. For example, there is no point in optimizing activities if they are targeted at the wrong audience in the first place!

If you are interested in learning more about marketing operations, then contact Covalent Bonds at info@covalentbonds.com or call on 978 893 9618

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