Keyword Analysis

This work begins by researching the words used by your target prospects, the words Google associates with your brand, and the words you use to describe your company.  The next step develops a strategy that aligns these groups, enhancing the awareness of your brand's ability to serve the prospects need.

Why Choose Us?

There are many companies offering SEO and AdWords services.  None of them used to be scientists.  AdWords companies that doesn't know the science will unknowingly waste your ad spend. 

Targeting the right scientific audience requires a deep understanding of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical timeline, and regulatory requirements.  For example, the word ASSAY is used by both biologists and chemists - biologists it's an ELISA, chemists it's an HPLC run.  Our keyword plans carefully select the right technical terminology.  We watch to make sure our ads are placed correctly, and that we compete against the right competitors.  

AdWords Strategy

The prospects buying process starts online.  Maybe their looking for companies that provide the product or service they need, or information to better understand their need.  Either way, this is an opportunity for brands to increase awareness and offer unique selling propositions placed at the top of their results.  Our company aligns your product or service with the prospect's search, and the prospect's expectations with the offering your company delivers.  We develop a plan that includes: budget estimates, keyword groups, and ads that position your company with respect to the prospect's place in the buying cycle.  

Analytics & AdWords Monitoring

We want to know we are succeeding in driving your business forward.  I'm sure you want to know that too.  Up until recently it has been hard to truly know that marketing spend is effective.  That is no longer the case.  We work to insert custom tags that allow us to understand how prospects and customers use your site.  The data from Google Analytics and AdWords is used to optimize the effectiveness of your site and the ads, increasing the number of qualified leads and conversions.  Each month you receive a report that summarizes key data, offers insights, and recommends strategies for continued optimization.


The life science industry is plagued by a long buying cycle.  Remarketing allows you to offer gentle reminders to prospects that have visited your site.  We set up remarketing campaigns that target an individual prospect's interest and remind them that you are a resource that can help.  The ads are set up as soft touches, and scheduled in a way that does not annoy or overwhelm the prospect.


Credibility delivers confidence that the products and services you offer will solve the customer's problem.  It plays an important role on your website, delivering your value and supporting your sales and project management teams.  However important, scientific credibility isn't the only credibility that needs to be established.    

Credibility also needs to be established with Google.  Search begins the scientific buying journey, as they research options to solve a need.  Simply having a web page about a topic, does not make it searchable.  The disconnect between the scientist's search and your page can be solved by considering Google as one of the customers you serve.  

My work communicates credibility to both scientists and search engines.  


Comfort delivers confidence in your team.  It is the personal touch.  The customer experience.  Everything a company puts online, to build awareness or attract business, is the beginning of a conversation.  The goal of every piece is to have a prospect engage, for them to talk back.  That decision largely relies on comfort, a sense of understanding or sameness.  

My work injects company personality into the digital aspects of the brand, helping to differentiate and humanize a brand.

I don't care about the number of visitors to the site.  I care about the quality of visitors.  

The analytics data shows behavior patterns of users moving through your site.  My goal is to direct them to a path, and there are 3 options:  

  1. They are looking for a job - Go toward careers.  
  2. They are looking for a product or service and we can help them - Read about the offerings and contact us.  
  3. They are looking for something we don't offer - Thank you for trying, here's the exit.  

My focus is mainly on the second path, the longest of the three.  How far do they travel?  How long does it take for them to contact us?  What can I do to determine their interest and engagement? 

I answer these and other questions using custom tags and tracking elements.  Tracking shows the effectiveness of your efforts.  There are so many answers within the data, solving the question "But, how do you know?"  Those answers reveal areas you can optimize, better target your message, and increase conversion rates with your customers.  

Blazing a path