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Marcela Quiros Lepiz

Marcela Quiros Lepiz
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As with every area of science, and in fact life, the only way you can improve something is by measuring, evaluating and refining whatever tool or strategy you are implementing. This approach in marketing leads to successful, engaging campaigns that meet the client's KPIs while also having a profound impact on their stakeholders' perceptions/behaviours towards the brand. ‍

Say hello to our marvellous Marketing Data Scientist, Marce. Her critical-thinking is second to none, as is the way she is able to build powerful data models integrating data from multiple sources to answer strategic questions and inform game-changing marketing campaigns. 

In order to do this her day-to-day focusses are on data quality control and defining how data from different sources is going to be viewed, organized, cleansed, monitored and evaluated to derive data-informed decisions. It really is fascinating!  

Marce is a computational toxicologist, and brings over five years’ industry experience, most recently in the role of data analyst at a leading pharmaceutical company. In this role she was responsible for the extraction and sharing of data driven insights to answer specific business questions for managers, experience that continues to prove invaluable in her position at Covalent Bonds.

When she’s not working you will find Marce reading, gardening, or spending time with her friends, family or two dogs, Pedro and Nano Alberto. 

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