If you are concerned with measuring the impact of your marketing, great!

But isn’t it critically important to ensure that you are doing the right things in the first place? Activities that negatively affect your underlying goals waste time, and more importantly money. 

This is what ‘Laying the Foundations’ is all about. We ensure you are spending money and resources on the right things for the right reasons and that you

  • Really know the target customer

  • Develop marketing strategy from facts not assumptions

  • Have goals and metrics clearly defined

  • Have internal alignment on what success will look like and how it will be measured

assumption testing.jpg

Assumption Testing

We help clients’ make strategic decisions based on fact not assumptions. We use state of the art online and offline data collection techniques to provide factual evidence from which you can make informed decisions, rather than relying on opinions


Persona Building

A real understanding of your customer and their motivation is critical to an effective marketing program. We build a full 360 view of your ‘perfect customer’, compiling both on and offline data to document both what they say about themselves and how they actually behave. We then help you ensure that all marketing programs take account of this core information


Digital Foundations

Digital marketing is no longer distinct from traditional tactics, but forms an integral part of any marketing program. With Digital Foundations we demonstrate how Google and other search engines understand what you do, and how they can connect you to people with a need that you can solve


Breaking Down Silos

Marketing results results can now be measured against business impact, and therefore more people have a view on marketing success. Marketing Procurement, Marketing Operations, tactical marketing teams as well as the C-suite are all now internal stakeholders. However, each team often has different motivations, objectives and even speaks a different business language. Breaking down these silos is critical to align the teams around clear objectives

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KPI Setting

When assessing the success of a marketing program, defining what success looks like - and how it will be measured - is the essential first step. Many companies fail to bring together all internal stakeholders at the outset to agree the objectives and the associated metrics for success. In this workshop we help align the teams around a single focus and provide systems for measuring progress to goal

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Agency Selection

We help companies achieve their marketing objectives by identifying their marketing needs and bringing them together with the perfect agency partner. We partner with companies who are conducting an agency selection or review to:

  • Identify and clearly define marketing needs and to summarise these into a brief

  • Help allocate a reasonable budget

  • Finalise a shortlist of potential agency partners

  • Facilitate the selection process

If you are looking for a new agency partner, we can help you short-list and select the right partner for you. We can also help structure the contractual relationship around your key business objectives, to ensure you are maximizing ROI on the relationship