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Owning ‘the bond girls’ moniker for International Women’s Day

The team at Covalent Bonds are all women, so we informally call ourselves the ‘Bond Girls’, but we have never done so externally. We debated long and hard on whether we could use this name externally. Would we still be taken seriously? Are we doing ourselves a disservice by calling ourselves the Bond Girls? We even debated whether writing this blog was the right thing to do. Is this because marketing has suffered from a lack of quantifiable evidence of its success?

Why GDPR Applies to You, and You Don’t Know It

Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is a European law that goes into effect in May and regulates personal data collection. It is easy for most of us to stop reading once we see the word “Europe”. Don’t be too quick to brush it off. Read this post to see if and how the law applies to you.

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