Laura Browne

Laura is a co-founder of Covalent Bonds and serves as CEO (Chief Effectiveness Officer). She started Covalent Bonds in 2017 with more than 15 years’ experience in life science and healthcare marketing. Before founding Covalent Bonds, Laura held senior roles at The Scott Partnership, Phoenix Marcom, and Gardiner Cauldwell. Laura also serves on the Board of the Massachusetts North Shore Technology Council and heads up its Bioscience Special Interest Group. Laura holds a B.S. in psychology from The University of Newcastle and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from Nottingham Law School.

5 Steps to Making Your Life Science Company Marketing Data-Driven

By Laura Browne / July 25, 2019

Adopting a Marketing Data Mindset Marketers report that demonstrating the impact of marketing on financial outcomes is their […]

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Owning ‘the bond girls’ moniker for International Women’s Day

By Laura Browne / March 8, 2019

The team at Covalent Bonds are all women, so we informally call ourselves the ‘Bond Girls’, but we have never done so externally. We debated long and hard on whether we could use this name externally. Would we still be taken seriously? Are we doing ourselves a disservice by calling ourselves the Bond Girls? We even debated whether writing this blog was the right thing to do. Is this because marketing has suffered from a lack of quantifiable evidence of its success?

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Making Marketing Decisions on Facts not Assumptions: Understand your Scientific Audience Using Primary Data

By Laura Browne / March 5, 2019

Truly understanding a customer requires us to know their behavior and drivers, and to talk to them in a language that resonates, not a language that you think resonates. This is where persona-development typically fails. Teams develop personas based on insights from the sales team and years’ worth of experience. In other words, they develop them on other people’s assumptions held about the audience, not on what the audience think and feel.

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Choosing a life science marketing agency: Why it pays to look outside the biggest name agencies

By Laura Browne / February 21, 2019

So, the board has approved the appointment of a life science marketing agency, it is now up to you to draw up a short list of agencies to speak to. Most people start by asking their network who they work with. They look at who the big players have retained and pull together a short list.

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What is ‘Marketing Operations’?

By Laura Browne / February 13, 2019

According to our team here at Covalent Bonds, ‘marketing operations’ is the ‘business of doing marketing’. It is ensuring that the marketing campaigns are delivered efficiently and effectively. It is the framework that defines all processes supporting marketing campaign delivery.

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