Agency New Business

Our focus is to help with your marketing agency new business development, bringing on board new long-term ‘perfect clients’.

We help you achieve your new business goals. We do not, however, go to market on your behalf hoping to find a perfect prospect who happens to be ready to buy just as you want to sell to them.

Uniquely, agencies only pay per qualified lead, there is no contract required, nor subscription fee. We simply must be confident that you are the right agency for the job.

Pre-Qualified Leads

Covalent Bonds only supplies leads from companies that have:

  • An identified need

  • A clear and concise brief

  • A pre-approved budget

  • A commitment to start the program within three months of the selection process

Our new business services turn agency business development and lead generation on its head, by only charging agencies per qualified lead that we supply

New Business Generation Model

Powerful Brief

Our proprietary good brief formula helps prospects develop detailed briefs, giving the agency all the information needed to develop a perfect proposal.

Match Process

Using our database of over 300 agencies, selected agencies are matched based on who we know and trust can deliver the program. We approach these companies and determine if they are interested in learning more about the opportunity.


We provide the agency with an indication of budget for the program, target market, and services required from the prospect.

Fee Schedule

Our fees are structured to ensure that this is the most cost-effective yet powerful way of doing new business.

  • We therefore charge 50% of the fee to see the full brief.

  • The remaining 50% is only paid if the agency then decides to pitch for the business. This makes viewing the brief as risk free as possible

  • The agency that wins the business, then pays a small win fee